Looking for Accounting Software

Because I May Want to be a Reseller

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AccountMate offers software and maintenance plans exclusively through our reseller channel. We offer extensive support to our resellers in their efforts to support their clients and convert prospects into clients.

Our products are licensed by the module. There are 20+ accounting modules in each of the three platforms that we produce. This allows you to help your clients decide how many modules and users they need. As their needs change and they grow they are able to add modules, source code and additional user licenses.

These modules can be licensed in a compiled format when they meet the needs of your client without customization. For additional flexibility individual modules can be licensed with source code. This provides a trained reseller with the ability to incorporate changes to the software in order to meet the needs of their client. If the reseller prefers not to do the modification work themselves, it can be subcontracted through AccountMate's Professional Services group.

We are pleased to provide additional information if you are interested in becoming an Authorized AccountMate reseller. Just fill out the brief form at the "Get More Information" link above and we'll take it from there.

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