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AccountMate Cloud

With AccountMate’s cloud computing, you can minimize your IT infrastructure and costs associated with having to purchase and maintain computer hardware. Cloud computing is a viable option for those who decide that a remote access strategy is more practical than having an on-premise business financial suite.

The same AccountMate intuitive user interface is available through a monthly software rental option. Your financial systems are housed from a secure environment – safe from fire, theft, flood and natural disasters – and can be accessed 24/7. AccountMate’s cloud option still offers customization through AccountMate Solution Providers. AccountMate’s SaaS allows you to focus on your core business rather than worrying about the overhead of running a data center. AccountMate offers two private cloud computing options as part of its SaaS and hosted enterprise-level solutions:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – AccountMate software is delivered as an application via the internet using a multi-tenant architecture, which means data from multiple companies is stored on the same server and separated by a partition to prevent the data from migrating from one company to another. This option enables clients to focus on business continuity while reducing upfront investments on servers or software licensing.

Hosted – AccountMate software is purchased, owned or leased by clients and installed on physical servers at a secured data or hosting center offsite. Hosted solutions are implemented in the same manner as if it was installed onsite, and can be accessed  immediately 24/7.

Fully Customizable Functionality

AccountMate’s highly customizable capability is still offered through cloud computing. AccountMate Solution Providers remain the trusted consultants that can provide installation support and requested modifications for their clients.

Secure Data Environment

Located 100% underground in a concrete style bunker, minimizing physical vulnerabilities, the facility is safe from fire, theft, flood and natural disasters.

Easy Growth

You can increase capacity, functionality or capabilities without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel or licensing new software.

Level Costs

With fixed monthly cost server hosting, all the costs are fixed and easily budgeted. There are no increased service costs or hardware and software replacement costs.

Off-site Remote Access

You can immediately access the remote secure environment 24/7.

Eliminate System Downtime

Back-up diesel powered generator power systems and a redundant architecture with access to dual power sources eliminate system downtime for extended time periods.

Data Storage, Back-up and System Monitoring

A protection solution providing safe, frequent and effective storing with a reliable, automated back-up and recovery system protocol is established so you don’t have to manage, monitor or resolve data back-up incidences. To ensure the facility’s networks operate at peak efficiency, skilled technicians monitor network performance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

High Level Expertise

The team managing your hosted server is responsible for a large number of such servers. They are experts in this technology and service delivery, providing you with a more advanced service and support.

Eliminate Hardware Technical Support and Maintenance

AccountMate’s cloud computing solutions is fully managed and maintained so you don’t have to provide resources to manage IT support and ongoing system maintenance.

Industry Specific Third Party Applications

Independent software vendors provide industry specific vertical solutions. With AccountMate cloud computing, solutions provided by AccountMate vertical solution providers are still available.

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