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    Payroll Tech Notes:

    Payroll Tech Notes as of 5/1/2014

    Article # 1325: Payroll Tax Subscription Program Frequently Asked Questions and Technical Tips
    Article # 1324: How to Use the W-2 Information Batch Update Function
    Article # 1314: Understanding the Journal Entries Created when Processing an Employee’s Regular Payroll
    Article # 1310: Using the Payroll Local Tax Table Maintenance Function
    Article # 1309: Using the Additional Tax Code Feature
    Article # 1300: Understanding the Combine Electronic Payments Feature
    Article # 1295: How to Set Up and Use a Signature Image in AccountMate
    Article # 1289: Understanding the Recalculate Employee Data Feature in SQL Payroll
    Article # 1260: Performing W-2/1099 Year-End Closing When the Company’s Fiscal Year is Not the Calendar Year
    Article # 1255: Reports Affected by the W-2/1099 Year-End Closing and Period-End Closing for the Last Period of the Current Fiscal Year
    Article # 1243: Understanding the Paid Leave Code Feature
    Article # 1240: How AccountMate Payroll Uses Earning Codes
    Article # 1215: Understanding the Payroll Tax Subscription Program
    Article # 1203: Understanding the W-2 Information Update Feature
    Article # 1102: Differences between a Time Card and an Hourly Employee
    Article # 1079: Proper Treatment of Negative Personal Deduction in Payroll
    Article # 1069: How to Record Remittances of Non-Tax Deductions from Employees Payroll
    Article # 1046: How to handle Federal, State, and Local Tax Withholdings for an Employee who received Third Party Payroll Payments




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