Completely Customizable Software Can Give You a Competitive Edge

Your business and the way you run it are unique. There’s no need for you to use the same shrink-wrapped software that your competitors use. In fact there’s every reason to use something different. Depending on your unique needs AccountMate software can be modified slightly or greatly. So you can have exactly what you need to make your business run smoothly.

There is literally no limit on the modifications that can be made to your copy of the AccountMate software because source code is available for modification. Some clients have the need for longer part numbers or purchase order numbers to accommodate their customers’ requests. No problem. Even if you company’s needs change in the future, the ability to modify the software guarantees that the software will operate the way you need it instead of having your employees conforming to the dictates of the software.

Tailor the AccountMate software to the way you intend to run your own business. For many users the software is powerful enough out of the box. But if there are those special (or even extraordinary) situations that are particular to your business and the accounting software needs to align with them, choose AccountMate software with its bonus of the modification  benefit. The source code to accomplish this modification is sold as an option.

In addition to the capability of the accounting software and the ability to modify the system, the combination of add-on products is unique to AccountMate and provides your company with further flexibility. If you need warehousing software to better maintain inventory and make sure orders are fulfilled quickly, no problem. If job costing software would help you analyze your thousands of transactions over many job sites, there is a unique integrated solution. In many cases, these vertical add-on programs can be modified, too, to fit your specific business requirements.

Where margins are tight and competitors are doing whatever it takes to win over your clients, you can tap into this modification technology to make your processes more efficient and with less manual intervention. The true added benefit of customizing your AccountMate software and employing integrated add-on solutions is that your company is being run YOUR way.

All of our products and services are supplied by Authorized Solution Providers in your area. They can also develop the custom specifications with you and provide the software programming necessary for implementation. If you would like us to put you in contact with a local Solution Provider to analyze your needs and make recommendations, just fill in your contact information here.

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