Data Collection Policy

Data Collection Policy


AccountMate Software Corp. (AccountMate) allows users to send Error Report data to the person(s) or group(s) designated by their AccountMate Administrator. This functionality is not controlled by AccountMate; this designation is done at the time of product set up and can be changed at any time by the AccountMate Administrator.


The purpose of collecting Error Report data is to find, evaluate and fix problems that occur while using your AccountMate application. The type of information collected relates to information concerning the operating system processes that were in progress when a system error occurred and to data regarding your network connections, memory, computer configuration, etc.


When information and data are collected for the Error Report, it is possible that personal information will be included. Types of information gathered are company name, data in use at the time of the error, report information, a portion of the registry information, pertinent screen shots, and other specific application file names necessary to analyze the situation.


Error Report Access


Your AccountMate Administrator grants access to the Error Report data; therefore, this information is relayed via email only to those specified. AccountMate is always included as a recipient when an Error Report is sent. The Error Report data is stored in a database that is accessible only by the AccountMate Administrator and by those individuals or groups to whom the Administrator has granted rights.


Error Report Data Transmission and Storage


When an Error Report is submitted by an Registered User, it is sent via email only to those designated by your AccountMate Administrator. When AccountMate receives the Error Report email, your personal information will be protected from access by unauthorized people or groups.

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