Building Materials Distributor Reduces Back Orders

and Inaccurate Shipments

Can-Save improved order accuracy from 87% to over 96% with AccountMate
A solid foundation for thriving in a challenging marketplace



As a wholesale distributor of building materials including kitchen and bath and doors, Can-Save’s expanding business was in need of a new financial system to improve logistics and inventory control.


They implemented an AccountMate system customized to fit their business. Here’s one example of the capabilities their system brought:


Can-Save deployed bar-code scanning in their warehouses to track the location and status of all inventory items. This allows many time-saving automations for receiving purchase orders, putting items away in bins, bin transfers and replenishment, order picking, lot control, and packing and shipping.


At every step along the way, quick scans ensure that all items are accounted for in real time—with current item and order details and status available in their AccountMate system for anyone who needs the information.This means the customer service team can give accurate order status updates to customers; the purchasing team can easily ensure that items are replenished as needed; and accounting details are kept current and easily reconciled.


AccountMate helps wholesale distributors manage large, complex, and changing inventories, in a way that flexibly supports unique business processes and requirements.


View Can-Save’s story to learn how their AccountMate system gives them flexible features to help manage their large and complex inventory.



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    “One size does not fit all. You know what you need. Dictating to you what you need and how you should work is absurd. AccountMate has believed this from the beginning—we give you all the choices without trying to shoehorn you into things that don’t fit you. That’s how I’d like other companies to treat me.”

    –David Render, COO, AccountMate


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