AccountMate Enterprise Sample Reports

Accounts Payable - Multi-Currency Listings/Reports

The Multi-Currency Listings/Reports provide information on the various currencies used for transactions in AccountMate. The report also provides information on the exchange rates used for each currency activated in the system and the gains or losses arising from multi-currency transactions.

Read the information below to get a closer look at each of the Multi-Currency Listings/Reports available in AccountMate Enterprise. Currency Code Listing

The Currency Code Listing provides information on each currency code available in AccountMate including its symbol, description, status, and the posting GL Account IDs for the foreign exchange gains/losses. The currency codes are set up using the Currency Code Maintenance function. This report can be used to determine the propriety of the foreign exchange gain/loss GL Account IDs assigned to each currency code. You can use this report and the Currency Exchange Listing to ensure that current exchange rates in the system are up-to-date.

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Exchange Rates Listing

The Exchange Rates Listing shows the current exchange rate and inverse rate of each currency code activated in AccountMate. The report shows the different exchange rate and inverse rate with the effectivity dates if there are multiple rates defined in the currency code record. This report can be used to review the currency exchange rates and serves as reference when creating transactions in different currencies.

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