AccountMate Enterprise Sample Reports

Accounts Payable - Past-Due Aging Report

The Past-Due Aging Report provides a summary of the past due invoices as of a certain date. The report displays the invoices' age bracket and categorizes the past-due invoices based upon the number of days that have elapsed since their stated due date. This report helps determine the invoices that should be prioritized for payments and helps evaluate outstanding obligations that become overdue on a specific date.

The Past Due Aging Report allows you to generate either a current or history aging report. If you select the Current Aging option, you can generate a report of past-due invoices as of the current AccountMate system date. If you select the History Aging option, the report will include past-due invoices as of the date you specify in the Report Date field.

You can select to use the invoice date, the entry date (i.e., the date when the invoice transaction is entered in AccountMate), or the post date as the basis for the report date. You can also choose to age the invoices by due date or invoice date. You have the option to include in the report the open debit transactions, to show the total amount of checks on hold, and to show multi-currencies.

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