Achieve More with Less: Improve the Efficiency of Your Reporting

What would your financial and operational reporting capabilities look like if you improved your processes, and stayed in Excel? With the right tools, your reporting can be automated and curated to your teams’ specific needs, enabling you to speed-up processes and get more done within a single reporting cycle.

Join us and discover how to overcome common challenges with reporting processes, as well as the role your reporting solution plays in your success.

Key topics include:

• Quickly build reports with up-to-date data. Save time by easily building flexible and customizable reports in Excel that are connected directly to all your data sources.

• Quick report distribution to key stakeholders. Let your reporting tool do all the work. Automate your report distribution to decision-makers while maintaining AccountMate’s built-in securities.

• Speed-up analysis with transactional drill downs. Connect the dots across your organization and enjoy total visibility and access to all your data with drill-down functionality to investigate variance and fix reconciliation issues, fast.