Building Materials Distributor Reduces Back Orders and Inaccurate Shipments

Can-Save improved order accuracy from 87% to over 96% with AccountMate

As a wholesale distributor of building materials, kitchen and bath, and doors, to dealers across Canada, Can-Save’s growth required that they get a new business financial system to improve logistics and inventory control for their expanding offerings and production.

They implemented an AccountMate system customized to fit their business. Here’s one example of the capabilities their system brought:
Can-Save deployed bar-code scanning in their warehouses to track the location and status of all inventory items. This allows many time-saving automations for receiving purchase orders, putting items away in bins, bin transfers and replenishment, order picking, lot control, and packing and shipping.

At every step along the way, quick scans ensure that all items are accounted for in real time—with current item and order details and status available in their AccountMate system for anyone who needs the information.

This means the customer service team can give accurate order status updates to customers; the purchasing team can easily ensure that items are replenished as needed; and accounting details are kept current and easily reconciled.

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AccountMate is incredibly strong and flexible in features that help manage large, complex, and changing inventories for dynamic industries such as LBM.

Every business has unique processes and requirements, including yours. Find out more about how AccountMate might help your company grow, by requesting a personal demonstration below.

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    Here are three examples of AccountMate’s flexible options for building materials companies:

    1. Accurate Sales Orders

    You’ll stop taking orders that cannot be fulfilled, when AccountMate offers your order takers only the options that can be built.

    If you have metal garage doors available in black or white frames, red won’t be an option for those doors during order entry. Custom arched windows and frosted glass will be upsell options for only the product types and sizes that apply. If height and width must be specified before you can build or ship the order, those fields must be completed before the sales order can be finalized.

    Prompts and rules like these will ensure that even your newer employees can take accurate orders—and you won’t have to call your customer or dealer back to say that you can’t build what you just promised them you could build.

    2. Under-Control Kitting


    You’ll easily stay on top of your inventory of kit assemblies and sub-assemblies when AccountMate automates the tracking of all your kit components and configurations.

    No more giant, error-prone spreadsheets of your kitted items. AccountMate’s inventory control features will accommodate pre-assembled kits, on-the-fly assemblies, customer-specific kits and custom kits. And it will do that across multiple warehouse locations, and in staging areas during assembly—Including item serial numbers and lot numbers.

    You can simplify—and expand—your kit offerings when you know all the details are reliably under control, ensuring that you keep things in stock and can make accurate ship-date promises to your customers.

    3. Solid Financial Reporting

    You’ll have clear, up-to-the-minute visibility into how well your business is running, when AccountMate integrates your inventory and financial data.

    You can keep a close eye on your number of turns of inventory per year, so you can work on improving that number for lower-performing products. Similarly, you can monitor backorder status, profit margins, receivables aging, projected cash flow, and other key metrics. You’ll never need to wonder where you stand financially.

    AccountMate makes it easy to ensure strong financial controls with accounting best practices, audit trails, fraud protection features, automatic alerts for things that need your attention, and much, much more, so that you can confidently run your business well.

    AccountMate for SQL or Express Module Summary
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    AccountMate is the world’s most customizable accounting software

    You can choose to use AccountMate as it is “out of the box,” or tweak it over time, or have it greatly customized to fit your company. Or anything in-between!
    That means that you’re not forced by the software to run your business the way everyone else runs theirs. AccountMate offers access to the underlying source code, so that any aspect can be modified by you or your reseller.
    More choices:


    • Pay for only what you need—use as few or as many financial accounting and ERP modules or add-ons as you wish, and add more later if needed as you grow.
    • Run it where you want—on premise, remotely, or in the cloud.
    • Choose to buy it, lease it, or subscribe to it monthly via SaaS.
    • Choose whether and when to implement new versions.

    “One size does not fit all. You know what you need. Dictating to you what you need and how you should work is absurd. AccountMate has believed this from the beginning—we give you all the choices without trying to shoehorn you into things that don’t fit you. That’s how I’d like other companies to treat me.”
    –David Render, COO, AccountMate


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