Welcome SAGE Pro and SBT Accounting Software Users

You have upgrade alternatives that are continuously updated and supported

If you have the following software packages installed, you have upgrade choices


ACCPAC Pro Series

ACCPAC VisionPoint


SAGE Pro ERP Software

SBT PRO Series

SBT VisionPoint 

You Have Options


Source code is available on a module-by-module basis.  Install only the source code you need now.  Add additional modules as you require them.


Modifications can be made by the reseller or client.  If you have the capable staff, you can make changes in-house.


Payroll with updated subscriptions is an available option.  Keep your payroll in-house while keeping current with all payroll rules and payroll rate updates.


The Software can be installed locally or in the cloud.  And you have purchase, lease or SaaS acquisition options.


Multi-currency is incorporated within AccountMate Software if you have International business.


The Translation Engine is pre-populated with Spanish and French-Canadian fields which can be assigned on a user-by-user basis.  You can add additional languages to the engine.


Over 20 modules are available within our SQL Accounting Series.


Click here for a list and details of each one. 

We’ll help make the transition as smooth as possible


Data conversion programs are available to minimize time and expense of moving to AccountMate Software.


Credit for installed software is provided as a trade-in credit.


Similar look and feel to ProSeries reduces training time.


Integrated Vertical Solutions from the same developers as Pro Series add-ons simplify changing Accounting Packages by minimizing training time and expense. Here are a few examples:


                ALERE Manufacturing 

                ACCU-DART Warehouse Management 

                ACME Point of Sale 

                Stone Field Query Report Writing 


Visit our Vertical Solution Catalog for a complete list of third-party software. 

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