AccountMate for SQL or Express Module Summary

AccountMate for SQL or Express Module Summary

AccountMate for Express is designed for small businesses that desire the stability and speed of SQL Server without incurring the expense of SQL Server licenses and will have up to five concurrent users. AccountMate for SQL is designed to accommodate hundreds of concurrent users. There is no built-in limit to the size of your company databases thereby eliminating the need to archive records. Both AccountMate products offer an identical user-interface, the same ease of use, number of modules and are source code modifiable. This flexibility allows AccountMate products to be customized to fit your business processes and adjust as your business grows.


A company can grow from AccountMate for Express to AccountMate for SQL and still maintain their investment in staff training and software customization. Our seamless data migration makes this a quick and easy upgrade.


Both AccountMate for SQL and AccountMate for Express Include These Features:

  • Powerful desktop tools with user-definable shortcuts and instant access to your favorite Microsoft applications
  • System-wide tracking of data changes that provides comprehensive audit trail and helps strengthen the company’s internal controls
  • User-definable password policy and fraud protection features recommended by banks and accountants for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Drill-down analysis permits instantaneous viewing of account and transaction details
  • Multi-segmented chart of accounts supports complex cost center structure and flexible analysis of financial statements
  • Up-to-the-minute bank balances and instant view of unreconciled transactions help manage your cash flow
  • Ability to attach supporting documents to transaction and master records
  • A suite of inventory features designed to meet your sophisticated inventory- management needs
  • Multiple warehouses with unlimited bin locations facilitate any complex warehouse setup
  • Multi-currency features allow transactions in any currency
  • Multi-lingual capabilities support global operations
  • Over 20 modules to fulfill your accounting, payroll, inventory, manufacturing, RMA, CRM and other business requirements

Accounts Payable

With the Accounts Payable module, you can avoid duplicate invoices and late payments, require that invoices recorded in the system be supported by purchase orders and take advantage of early-payment discounts. AccountMate simplifies the payment process by allowing you to post credit card payments for multiple credit card billing transactions and automatically posts an AP invoice for each billing transaction as well as issue checks or post handwritten checks directly after the invoice is posted. You can even print checks and generate an ACH file or post a handwritten check and record an AP invoice in one sitting. It tracks payments to various types of 1099 vendors and prints the applicable 1099-MISC forms. When integrated with AccountMate’s Purchase Order module, you get a complete purchasing and invoicing system that will enhance your ability to manage your vendor base and cash flow.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module offers a complete billing, receivable, collection, customer, and inventory management system that helps you provide customers with accurate and prompt service. The Sales Order, Return Merchandise Authorization, Pricing Control, Upsell Management, Customer Inventory Manager, Inventory Specification, Sales Configurator, and Sales Tax Integration modules integrate with Accounts Receivable to create a complete order entry, customer returns, billing, sales tax automation, and receivables system that delivers superior customer and inventory management.

Bank Reconciliation

Keeping an accurate tab on your cash flow is an essential part of managing your business, and AccountMate’s Bank Reconciliation module makes it a breeze. With this module, you can record miscellaneous disbursements, receipts and bank transfers that are not logged in other AccountMate modules. You can indicate which transactions have cleared the bank and reconcile your book entries with the bank statements. You can set up and update bank accounts and specify the currency in which transactions will be recorded for each one. You can quickly view your current bank account balance, the last reconciled bank statement balance, the total amount of unreconciled bank transactions, and projected cash flow. This keeps you well informed of your company’s real-time cash position.

Consolidated Ledger

The Consolidated Ledger module provides the ability to quickly combine several companies’ account balances and budgets into a unified ledger to present consolidated financial statements and other reports. It also supports consolidation of companies with different reporting currencies making it ideal for multi-national organizations that have foreign operations. Creating a consolidated ledger is simple. Just set up the company in AccountMate and specify whether it is a parent or a subsidiary. Assign to each subsidiary a parent company that will generate consolidated reports. Then, map each subsidiary company’s chart of accounts and fiscal periods to its parent and you’ll be able to consolidate the subsidiary’s account balances and budgets in no time.  

Contact Manager

AccountMate’s Contact Manager module is a full-featured contact management system that helps you manage interactions with your customers more effectively and efficiently. It works with the latest Microsoft Office products to provide a complete, automated system that offers an all-in-one solution for managing multiple customer contacts. It is fully integrated with the accounting modules to avoid duplicate data entry and provide data consistency throughout the system.  

Custom Field Manager

The Custom Field Manager module is an engine that lets you add any number of data fields to existing AccountMate screens to meet your specific requirements. Custom fields can be added to master records or transaction header tables. These custom fields can be character, date, integer, logical, or numeric in nature. Custom fields of any type can be assigned a default value while character-type custom fields can have a lookup which can be used to validate data and locate records. The ability to add custom fields to both standard AccountMate tables and non- AccountMate tables makes it possible to create the customizations your company needs without purchasing a source code license and modifying the source code. Custom fields are also seamlessly upgraded in future product releases.

Customer Inventory Manager

The Customer Inventory Manager module lets you integrate your business more closely with your customers helping you achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. Most customers find it easier to use their own inventory part numbers, descriptions and units-of-measurement when placing orders and when receiving and being billed for products and services. Using this module, you can easily cross-reference item numbers, descriptions and units- of-measurement to those of your customers. It even allows you to set customer contract prices. This module integrates seamlessly with AccountMate’s Accounts Receivable and Sales Order modules. 

General Ledger

AccountMate’s General Ledger module gives you maximum control over the management of all your accounting transactions. It is equipped with the necessary tools and reports to help you comply with both US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Whether setting up and maintaining a chart of accounts, generating financial statements and reports or creating journal entries and budgets, AccountMate General Ledger keeps you in control of your financial data. General Ledger also comes standard with fund accounting capabilities. Enabling its fund accounting features addresses not only the specific reporting needs of the not-for-profit organization but also provides the tools necessary for a detailed accounting to those who require special handling of the funds they contribute.


Licensed Users can use the many predefined alerts to send emails to specific individuals or groups that need to be aware of a situation that has just occurred or a reminder to take some action. These email alerts can be administered to send an alert to one specific person or to a specified group of people. No longer do people have to read reports and manually send off an email. Proper alerts can be scheduled by an Administrator who names the appropriate addressee and when a condition is met, emails are sent automatically. There are currently 46 predefined alerts that come standard in the Info-Alert Application.

Inventory Control

You have the power of a complete inventory management system with AccountMate’s Inventory Control module. This module provides the ability to define each inventory item’s cost method, units-of-measurement and warehouse and bin locations. You can set each item’s safety stock, lead time, reorder level, and reorder quantity. Inventory counts can be performed at any time and as often as needed without interrupting your shipping and receiving processes. You can assign serial numbers to each unit of an inventory item, define multiple substitutes for an item, and record transfers of units from one warehouse to another. Stock items can be issued for internal use. You can also view a list of vendors that supply a specific item or a list of items sourced from a particular vendor. Inventory Control integrates with and enhances the functionalities of the Accounts Receivable, Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Manufacturing modules. It also integrates with the Pricing Control, Upsell Management, Inventory Specification, Kitting, Lot Control, and Customer Inventory Manager modules.

Inventory Specification

The Inventory Specification module offers quick, easy and accurate management of complex inventory that requires tracking of a variety of attributes. It allows you to categorize your inventory items according to such things as size, color, weight, and texture; then, tracks the items’ quantities, costs and prices by the assigned categories. It can suggest a similar item when the desired specification is not available thus helping you keep the sale. The Inventory Specification module integrates with the Inventory Control, Manufacturing, Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order, Pricing Control, and Upsell Management modules. 


AccountMate’s Kitting module expands the inherent capabilities of your Inventory Control module to allow you to create and manage inventory items that are packaged and sold together as a single unit. The Kitting module is designed to be used by manufacturers and distributors whose goods are often resold in many different configurations. Users can decide whether assembled units of a kit item must be kept in stock or whether they can be packaged on the fly as orders are received. Kit items can be sold using a pre- defined formula or customized per order. This module tracks items when they are sold as part of a kit and provides the necessary reports to help you determine whether you have sufficient stock to meet existing kit orders thereby allowing you to make sound and up to the minute inventory management decisions. The Kitting module integrates with AccountMate’s Accounts Receivable, Sales Order and Return Merchandise Authorization modules.

Lot Control

AccountMate’s Lot Control module adds the power of a complete lot control system to your Inventory Control. It gives you the ability to track units of lot controlled items from purchase or production through inventory and sale and allows you to keep a record of each lot controlled unit’s expiration date. The Lot Control module integrates with AccountMate’s Accounts Receivable, Sales Order and Purchase Order modules.


With AccountMate’s Manufacturing module, you can easily create work orders and explode jobs into virtually unlimited levels of raw material, labor, machine, and subassembly components. You can record production lead time and monitor the inventory levels of items that you manufacture so you can effectively plan future production. You can break down large jobs into multiple start dates and steps. You can post work-in-process automatically or manually. It lets you print work orders, routing slips, production slips, and a wide variety of useful reports. With it, you can monitor jobs, resource usage, backorders as well as remnants and scrap from work order creation through the posting of finished jobs and the cancellation of any unused allocated resources. It seamlessly integrates with several modules (e.g. Manufacturing Configurator).

Manufacturing Configurator

If you must develop and enforce ordering rules for the products you manufacture, you will need the Manufacturing Configurator module. This confirms that all bills of materials entered into AccountMate include only the products that your company can deliver. Utilize this module to help prevent duplicate bill of materials, to help ensure bills of materials accuracy, to implement version control of product engineering, among other benefits. This module integrates with AccountMate’s Manufacturing module.


AccountMate’s Payroll module lets you set up records for salaried, hourly, time card, or piece work employees and independent contractors. You can pay them using a variety of pay periods that suit your company policy and each employee’s pay and employment status. Deductions can be withheld from the employee’s payroll and matched by employers. Additional payments, such as bonuses and fringe benefits, can be recorded for each employee. The module accrues leave hours, calculates the worker’s compensation liability, allows you to print on blank or preprinted check stock, and supports the assignment of multiple states and local tax codes to each employee. It also allows you to process employee and federal tax deposit payment electronically. With an annual tax subscription, you can download the latest payroll tax updates that will be used to calculate payroll taxes and print payroll tax returns, W -2 and 1099 forms.

Pricing Control

If you have to quickly set up or update a complex pricing structure, AccountMate Pricing Control module has the tools you need. Its features include price maintenance in one menu location; unlimited multi-level pricing set by order quantity or price code for each item specification and unit-of-measurement; the ability to set minimum prices, multi-currency pricing and pricing based on the most recent sales order or invoice price. This module is ideal for making quick and easy changes to inventory prices with minimal time spent on data entry. The Pricing Control module integrates with AccountMate’s Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control and Inventory Specification modules.

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order module gives you more control over a full range of purchasing activities. You can record vendor lead times and plan purchases based on lead time, safety stock, reorder point, and reorder quantity information. You have the option to accrue liability for purchases at the time the goods are received and reverse the accrual when you record the invoice in the Accounts Payable module. You can set the system to either track the accrued liability in summary per purchase order receipt or in detail per line item. You can also accrue landed costs and allocate them to purchased items. When creating purchase orders, you have a plethora of information about each inventory item at your fingertip which helps you select the right item every time. You get to define which items are for resale and which ones are solely for in-house use. And when your Purchase Order system is integrated with AccountMate’s Accounts Payable module, you can require that invoices be supported by purchase orders before they can be recorded in the system.

Return Merchandise Authorization

The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) module allows you to record and monitor the progress of your customers’ sales return transactions in AccountMate. With it, you can create RMA orders, receive returned items and either ship or let the customer pick up the repaired, replacement or substitute items. AccountMate automatically updates the item’s on-hand, booked or defective quantity as well as the customer’s balance. It calculates any gains or losses that result from replacing or substituting the customer’s returned items. It also generates credit invoices in the Accounts Receivable module as needed. You can create unlimited return codes to represent the different return processes your organization allows.   This module maintains a comprehensive list of customer and inventory records that are shared with AccountMate’s Sales Order, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control modules. It also comes with functions like Inventory Warranty Maintenance and Defective Inventory Adjustment for a thorough and accurate management of your RMA orders.

Return to Vendor Authorization

AccountMate’s Return to Vendor Authorization (RTV) module offers a comprehensive system that you can use to track returns of purchased items to your vendors. With it, you can create RTV orders, return purchased items and receive the corresponding substitute or replacement items. During this process, the system updates your accrued liability for received goods along with the on-hand inventory quantity. If applicable, you can assign a serial number or lot number to the substitute or replacement items you receive. AccountMate computes any gains or losses that result from having the purchased items be replaced or substituted by the vendor. This module provides multiple return actions from which you can create unlimited return codes to represent all possible vendor return scenarios.

Sales Order

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, customers demand rapid response to their orders. Your ability to process these orders in a timely and effectual manner is essential to winning and retaining your customers’ business. AccountMate’s Sales Order module delivers the power of a complete order entry, customer and inventory management system so that you can always provide your customers with prompt and accurate service. When integrated with AccountMate’s Accounts Receivable module, you get a complete billing-and-receivable system that will further enhance your ability to manage your customer base and inventory. When integrated with the Sales Order Configurator module, you can save time in recording sales order transactions, minimize order entry errors, and achieve accurate pricing.

Sales Order Configurator

With the Sales Order Configurator module, you can develop and enforce ordering rules for the products you sell. This confirms that all quotes and orders entered into AccountMate include only the products that the company can deliver. Benefits of using this module include reduced order entry time, minimized order entry errors, and pricing accuracy. It seamlessly integrates with AccountMate’s Sales Order and Accounts Receivable modules.

Sales Tax Integration

The Sales Tax Integration module provides sales tax automation where correct tax rates are determined based on your Nexus state and each state’s Economic Nexus Laws, your customer’s tax exception type (if applicable), their shipping address, and the type of products included in an order or AR invoice. Some products can be fully taxable, exempt from sales tax, or taxed at a reduced rate in different tax jurisdictions.

System Manager

The System Manager module is the control center for the entire AccountMate system. It controls the system environment and setup, desktop shortcuts to AccountMate functions and external applications, on-line help, multi-level password security, audit trail, report engine, printer and report setup, module and company selection, system date, and all pop-up menus. It also initializes the system, provides easy access to Microsoft Office tools, and comes with multi-lingual capability. It also comes with the Executive Summary that provides a snapshot of the company’s current financial condition. AccountMate System Manager delivers the utmost efficiency, productivity and security to any business.

Upsell Management

AccountMate’s Upsell Management module provides tools you can use to help boost your sales. It allows you to maintain a list of accessory items or upsell items that can be offered to customers who buy specific inventory items. You can view this list and select the upsell items when processing customer orders. You can also track upsell item sales for commission purposes. You can even create a script or provide special instructions that your sales team can use as a guide when selling the upsell items. The Upsell Management module integrates with AccountMate’s Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, and Inventory Specification modules to enhance your sales process.
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