For over 35 years AccountMate has provided customers with powerful and flexible accounting and business management software that meets the exact needs of their businesses. AccountMate has 125,000 users in over 200 different industries. Here are what some of them have to say.

Manufacturing Testimonials

“All inventory transactions are now in real-time, and inventory accuracy is now in the high 90th percentile.”


Dwight O/Brien, Customer Service Manager MIFAB Inc.

“We continue to be satisfied with the AccountMate product, and look forward to leveraging even more value from this system in the future.”


Michael Tracy, CFO, Cranel

“We’ve watched as Digital Strategies modified AccountMate, linked it with VisualOrderTrak and maximized EDI Auto’s capabilities to make us very confident about our business process and longevity as a successful trading partner.”


Bernie Callen, Owner, Callen Corporation

“It’s an invaluable quality system. AccountMate and Food Manufacturing Conductor helped us become FDA compliant and achieve SQF and ISF certification.”


Marti Jones, Quality Assurance Manager, Allegro Fine Foods, Inc

“I like the fact AccountMate has an open architecture that will allow us to easily make customizations and interface to other programs.”


Lori Katz, Executive Vice President and Owner of Epsom Salt Plus

“AccountMate was so easy to learn and implement. Its design was very intuitive and user-friendly, plus it was tailored to meet our company’s specific needs.”


Dennis Grande, Owner and Director of Turtle Company

“Since installing AccountMate, we have saved one person in the office and another in the shop. Also, we used to have an “expediter” and now that position is no longer necessary. In addition to all the savings in labor expenses, you can’t even imagine how much time we have saved with AccountMate’s tiling feature, which has made our phone reps much more productive. They no longer have to waste time exiting screens in order to open new ones. And the ability to link with our Long Island office now means we can work right along with them and share information any time of day. We couldn’t be happier with AccountMate.”


Ron Buttner, President of Anodic Inc.

“AccountMate is truly the system of the future for three reasons. First it uses a true 32-bit database system, allows you to get into the system so you can do your own reporting, or even write your own hard code since the source code is provided, and it helps simplify communication world-wide. We have seen a significant productivity increase, and over time expect it to result in at least a 30 percent increase in employee productivity within our customer service, sales and accounting divisions. For a business with revenue in excess of $50 million a year, that type of increase will make a significant difference to our bottom line and justify the cost and time associated with implementing this new system.”


Jim Williams, General Manager and Controller of Ohsman and Sons Co.

“AccountMate is exceptionally easy to work with and to understand. The online ‘HELP’ files work well and are well documented, and the functionality is excellent. The process flow is not redundant and is easy to follow. AccountMate should definitely exploit this as an enormous advantage over the competition.”


Brian Kloss

35 Years
AccountMate Software that Fits
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