For over 35 years AccountMate has provided customers with powerful and flexible accounting and business management software that meets the exact needs of their businesses. AccountMate has 125,000 users in over 200 different industries. Here are what some of them have to say.

Solution Provider Testimonials

“AccountMate offers an excellent upgrade path for your RealWorld Expertise Customers, who will be delighted with the software’s easy to use graphical interface and unlimited potential for customization and integration. I never would have guessed how important having access to AccountMate’s source code would be to my business success before I became and AccoutnMate Business Partner. Being able to offer customized solutions when needed has been an enormous advantage to our business when we come up against local competitors. “


“One of the unexpected benefits AccountMate has provided Business Systems and Solutions are the marketing opportunities they pass along to their resellers. Recently a single case study about a Business Systems and Solutions customer was profiled in Windows NT, SQL Server, and Business Finance magazine, as well as on the Microsoft, AccountMate, and IBM websites, at no cost to our business! To have a potential customer read about their local consultant in a national magazine, or to have them pull up a case study on Microsoft’s website while you are on the site is such a tremendous advantage when we are trying to close a sale.”


George Bergmark, President and CEO of Business Systems and Solutions

“We signed up as a resller 15 years ago and we’ve never regretted our decision. The coding has remained elegant as the software has grown into a scalable enterprise-wide system across multiple platforms. After all these years, we still enjoy a mutually beneficial and profitable relationship with AccountMate. There’s no reason to think that the next 15 years won’t be even better.”


Lorraine Keating of Prism Visual Software

“Since INFOtrac for AccountMate centralizes access to all actions, documents, emails, and user calendars through an XP-inspired interface, every staff member becomes and instant expert on communications with the client.”


Kevin Stroud, CEO, NexLAN

“I have yet to be embarrassed in front of a client, because a feature of AccountMate Software didn’t work the way it was intended to.”


Carl Gruber, Computer Logic Group

“That package and the follow-up, AccountMate for Windows 95/NT, were responsible for easily allowing MetAir’s to increase the business it handled by more than 200%.”


Les Kule, President of Friendly Software Applications, Inc.

“At AccountMate, unlike some of the large public vendors, I get personal attention from my dedicated Business Development Manager. This gives me an edge because I am kept informed about upcoming developments and can plan accordingly. My Business Development manager, as someone who knows me and my business, is also able to give me direction when special circumstances arise with a prospect or enduser.”


“I have recently started migrating people to AccountMate from Great Plains because my clients and I feel AccountMate is a much more intuitive program and is much easier to integrate with third party applications.”


Current AccountMate and Great Plains Reseller

“I am in the process of taking all of the inline training courses for AccountMate and must say I am very impressed with the feature set, especially in order entry. This makes me a big convert and evangelist!”


Jay Rubin, President and DFC Enterprises, Inc.

“From our perspective, the ability to customize AccountMate software and offer training on a product that is so easy to learn has given us a competitive advantage and a tremendous boost to our profit margin. AccountMate offers us a winning combination: a very user-friendly product, 32-bit technology that makes full use of Windows NT platform, plus source code for quick and easy modifications to fit our customers’ needs. The AccountMate product has made us much more profitable over the last few years.”


Bart Nachimow, President of MIBAR Computer Services

“AccountMate has given us the best of both worlds in that AccountMate is a powerful ‘canned’ package, which also offers the flexibility for quick and easy customization. We can meet the specific needs of our client base, which has contributed to our excellent client loyalty. Considering that roughly 90% of our installations involve some sort of customization, AccountMate fits our objectives like a glove.”


Luis Leon, Microtask Consulting, Inc.

“Working with AccountMate is great, they’re wonderful people to work with, from their tech support to their account reps. I’ve heard horror stories about vendors from other resellers, but I’ve never had any problems with AccountMate. Not only are the people good, the product sells itself. It is incredibly intuitive and, because the company offers source code, can be customized to fit the needs of any business.”


Jesse Jones, Owner of AccountPro, Inc.

“If they have lived in an unstructured environment in the past, it is my responsibility to get them into the real world with other proper controls. As an accountant and CPA I can recognize weaknesses in their procedures and internal controls and develop solutions to these problems. Since we are paid to solve problems, if we demonstrate success in this regard, we have taken a big step in earning that client’s trust.


Therefore, when it comes time to recommend an accounting solution, the odds are good the client will adopt our recommendation. Having AccountMate in my arsenal gives me the confidence that the software will do exactly what my clients need it to do to make them more productive. And that makes me look good and ensures my future success.”


Tom Bourassa, CPA

“It’s great to find a system that offers all the functionality we need to comply with federal regulations. Now we don’t have to reinvent the wheel and develop our own customized accounting system from scratch to ream up with Housing management Software. The availability of source code is great because it reassures our users that they won’t have to switch to another vendor’s product down the road. AccountMate is the perfect complement to our Visual HOMES packages.”


Bhasker Agrawal, President of Information Systems and Services, Inc.

“AccountMate has proven its position in the industry as the most mature, stable, flexible and scalable source code SQL accounting solution available today. For the many companies seeking true value in a very robust business management system, one that rivals higher end and therefore more expensive systems, I can recommend AccountMate without hesitation.”


J. Carlton Collins, President, Accounting Software Advisor

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