For over 35 years AccountMate has provided customers with powerful and flexible accounting and business management software that meets the exact needs of their businesses. AccountMate has 125,000 users in over 200 different industries. Here are what some of them have to say.

Wholesale/Distribution Testimonials

“The solid integration of AccountMate, ACCU-DART, Redtail, and WARM has empowered PIC Corporation to reduce our staff by 40% at the same time that sales have significantly increased.


We have virtually eliminated data entry mistakes by integrating EDI and warehouse shipping and receiving with AccountMate.”


Eric Rubel, Vice President, PIC Corporation

“AccountMate will be crucial for our organization as we strive to be the industry premier low cost, specialty distributor of name brand copier and fax supplies.”


Brian Tedesco, President, Tech Trading

“The bottom line is we can offer more value to our customers faster than our competition.”


Patrick Nugent, CEO, Softland International

“AccountMate has drastically cut down on order taking time because we now have the ability to view multiple order forms simultaneously, because of the software’s graphical user interface. Additionally, and perhaps most important, the new software is giving us much more sophisticated and accurate inventory tracking capability. In the past we did a lot of manual inventory control, with AccountMate we have been able to automate the entire process, allowing us to better anticipate shortages and quickly place orders with our Swiss offices.”


Sam Seagal, General Manager of Reuge USA

“Switching to AccountMate has provided substantial time savings that make it possible to run this business on a far more efficient basis.”


Ida Kitira, President of Vance Kitira

“Visual AccountMate helped to significantly improve the productivity of our financial staff and also helped us keep more accurate accounting records.”


Richard Daniels, Finance Director of Port of Port Arthur, Texas

“Because the software is so intuitive it has been easy for us to train new employees as we grow. In general the new software is just much more powerful, I can basically retrieve any information I need with a mouse click or two. With the amount of time we are saving and the better customer service we can now offer, AccountMate will quickly be able to demonstrate a significant return on investment.”


Barbara Kemery, Office Manager of Violet Packing

“The new accounting system makes it possible to provide our customers with the same quality and service on the administrative side of the business that we have always provided in other areas. Productivity has gone up dramatically, particularly on the sales side of the business.”


Jay Moritz, Administrator of Earl’s Organic Produce

“When our customers enter their own order information online, they have full confidence that their order will be processed and shipped immediately. They don’t have to worry about details such as correct item numbers, pricing or timely delivery of orders.”


David Reyes, IT Consultant, Walker Foods, Inc.

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