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Acme Billing App by Total Businessware

Use Acme Billing App to easily bill water, sewer, electricity, gas or customer subscriptions. Create invoices in your favorite accounting system. Bill customer loyalty, patronage or other recurring (subscription type) charges. Use different rates for different customers, or for business vs residential. Perfect for small municipalities, residential communities, campgrounds, etc. Read More

Acme Point of Sale by Total Businessware

Acme Point of Sale is fast, feature rich and user friendly. Acme is designed from the ground up as true point of sale that interfaces to a multitude of POS hardware for a complete solution. Our credo “Keep the Lanes Moving” addresses the main needs of retailers and resellers to be fast, flexible, fault tolerant and fool proof. Acme includes a traditional user interface and awesome “gotta see it” touch screen. It seamlessly integrates with AccountMate, eliminating the need for double entry. Read More

Point of Sale (POS.NET™) by Prism Visual Software

Prism Visual Software’s POS solution is a modern Point of Sale application that is easy to use and contains a full integration with AccountMate. This application is directly integrated with AccountMate’s Accounts Receivables (AR) Module and leverages its procedures to make a seamless, one-stop POS solution without creating additional data entry for users. The application works with existing customers and guests in which invoices become generated and are available in AccountMate.  Read More

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